Other Training Courses


Other Training Courses

Marshal Security also provide other training courses that include Security Training for Condominiums, WHMIS Training Package and Emergency First Aid and CPR.

1. Security Training for Condominiums

Security Course for Condominiums-cover1The primary function of a Security Officer (Gate Hose Officer, Concierge and/or Patrol Officer) is to provide proper protection to the residents of the Condominium from all hazards including fire, theft and flood, and provide them high level of service.

The purpose of this two days course is to have the officer obtain the necessary tools/information to conduct his/her duties in a professional and effective manner.




2. WHMIS Training Package

WHMIS Training-cover1WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) is a nationwide system that was developed for the control and safe use of hazardous materials in the workplace. WHMIS provides us with a standard classification and information system to help ensure that everyone in the work environment understands their role.The overall purpose is to help ensure a safer, healthier workplace. Your knowledge about the workplace is your biggest asset in successfully benefiting from WHMIS.

This one day training course will explain the basics of WHMIS including overview, classification, labels, material safety data sheet and education.



3. Emergency First Aid & CPR

First Aid & CPRThe Emergency First Aid & CPR course offers lifesaving first aid skills, and covers Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and rescue breathing techniques for adults, children, and infants. The course offers skills for individuals needing training for working as a Security Guard or for those interested in having first aid skills so they can respond to emergencies at home.

This one day course covers skills needed to recognize, prevent, and respond to circulation emergencies for adults (CPR levels A and C). Other topics include airway and breathing emergencies, as well as the prevention of disease transmission.


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