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Security Guard Training Course Instructions

Thank you for registration at Marshal Security. In order to complete your Security Guard Training successfully, please follow these course instructions:

1. Complete the Registration Form

In order to get a Training Completion Number, please download and fill-in the “CRLF_template” form.  Please fill-in all information including phone number, email address and the date of birth, and write down “Marshal Security” in Name of Training Entity field. After completion, please print, sign and scan the form and send it back to Marshal Security (info @

Please note that you may use Adobe Reader to fill-in this form. However, in order to sign the “CRLF_template”, you must print it first. Please click the following image to download the form:










2. Download the Study Material

Now the first thing you should do before starting your study is that you download the training manuals. There are three books related to Security Guard Training and one related to First Aid and CPR.

  1. Ontario Security Guard Training – Participant’s Manual
  2. Ontario Security Guard Training – Multiple Choice Questions
  3. Ontario Security Guard Training – PSISA and Other Regulations
  4. Emergency First Aid & CPR — Student Manual

4- Training Manuals4- Training Manuals 2


The first book is the course training manual and you should read it whenever you get time. The second book has training manual’s quizzes and the practice test. And the third book is a reference manual and it has the laws and the regulations related to security guarding and the security profession. It is a handy tool when you need to refer to any law related to security industry during your work.

The Emergency First Aid & CPR manual is a handy reference to recall the procedures that you have learned during your First Aid & CPR course.

3. Start your study with SECURITY ONLINE COURSE

The Security Guard Training study materials is located under Registered Users | Security Guard Training menu, and the instructions on using the Course are located under Registered Users | Security Guard Training | Course Instructions menu.

0- Security Guard Training

1- Course Instructions


You should start your study with Registered Users | Security Guard Training | SECURITY ONLINE COURSE.

Learning Management System (LMS) 

Marshal Security is using a Learning Management System (LMS) for Online students that keeps track of the student’s progress in the course. Under this system, the course is divided in modules and units. Each module is usually composed of three units:

  1. Video Lectures
  2. Class Notes and PowerPoint slides
  3. Quizzes and Assignments

The student is required to follow all modules and units in sequence. Once a unit or module is completed, he/she will have to mark it as completed. At any time, the student will be able to see his/her progress in the course in a progress bar.

2- sg online course

2- sg online course 2


After completion of 12 modules, the student is required to take a Participant’s Manual Practice Test. Then, in order to prepare for license exam, the student is strongly recommended to complete the additional Practice and Mock Tests.

Direct Links to Study Materials 

All the study material is also available to you under various sub-menus. Once the Security Guard Course is completed, the students may jump directly to Class Notes and the Practice and Mock Tests. Just click the links or click the respective sub menus of Security Guard Training menu. If you feel to refresh a part of the course, you may watch the related video in Registered Users | Security Guard Training | Video Lectures.

If some thing is still not clear, please refer to the Participant’s Manual.

4. Complete the Quizzes and Assignments

When you finish reading Class Notes of a section of a manual, answer the questions in a quiz related to that section.


5. Complete the Practice and Mock Tests

Once you have completed the quizzes and assignments of all the sections, answer the questions in “Participant’s Manual Practice test“. You may repeat the test as many times as you like. Every time you attempt the test, the question order will change randomly.


After completion of “Participant’s Manual Practice Test”, please complete the other Practice Tests. Concentrate on Practice Test 1 to 7. If you have time available, complete the other tests as well. When you feel prepared, take the Mock Tests. The results of first 7 mock tests will also be sent to your instructor so that he can assess your progress in the course.

Please note that the answers to MCQs are given only in Practice Tests. The Mock Tests are there just to evaluate  your performance. 

7- Practice Tests 3






Only book you licencing exam once you feel comfortable with these tests. At a minimum, getting a score of 85% or better is recommended in first 5 mock tests.

6. Complete your First Aid and CPR Training

Whenever you have time, take a class on Emergency First Aid & CPR. Since it is a different subject, the class can be taken at any time (beginning, during, or at the end of the course). The First Aid & CPR training is mandatory to have in-class, and can not be taken online. Hence, you have to come to Marshal Security’s office in order to complete this training. Please click the Course Schedule to find out the location, date and time.

If you are taking Emergency First Aid & CPR course at some other Training Entity, please make sure that the agency is approved by WSIB. Here is a list of providers that are approved to deliver First Aid & CPR training.

7. Book your Licencing Exam

You will receive the “Training Completion Number” 5 days after your registration and after completion of First Aid & CPR training. This is the minimum time required to complete your training. If you are ready and feeling comfortable with the course content and the exercises, go ahead and book your licencing exam using the Training Completion Number. Remember, you can not book your exam if you do not have a Training Completion Number.

8. Apply for a licence

In order to apply for a Security Guard Licence, please download the appropriate instruction guide from the following links:


9. Search for Jobs

Once you get a Security Guard Licence, you may search for available jobs on Marshal Security Job Board and affiliate job boards. Please click the following links:

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