Security Guard Free Practice Test 2

Security Guard Free Practice Test / Mock Test 2

This is a free practice test / mock test to evaluate your knowledge for Security Guard Licence Exam. Therefore, please take this test only when you feel that you want to test your knowledge in this course. The result of this test will also be sent to your email address so that you can evaluate your progress in the course.

This free practice test / mock  mock test comprises of 60 questions. In order to pass the test, you need to score at least 38 out of 60 (62%). You have 75 Minutes (1:15) to complete the test.

If you want to retake a test, please review the class notes before retaking the test so that you can perform better next time.

Disclaimer: This test has been prepared based on the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services prescribed curriculum and guidelines, and it has no link with the test conducted by Serco DES Inc.


While taking a test, you may skip a question by pressing Skip question button so that you can review it later. You may jump back to this question from a Quiz Summary table.

If you are not sure about a correct answer, you may also press Review question button after selecting an answer. Again, you may jump back to this question from a Quiz Summary table. However, this time, after selecting an answer, press Review question button again to change the question status from Review to Answered.

After finishing a test, press Finish quiz button to check your result.

Good Luck!

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