Security Guarding

Commercial and Corporate Security

Corporate SecurityOur primary focus at Marshal is to protect what matters most to your company. Marshal Security’s integrated approach to products and services ensure that we provide a total electronic, manned and physical security guarding solution.

By tailoring our services to fit your individual needs, we will assist you in securing your business. We will help you secure your business by taking care of the safety of your people, property and the information. Read more »

Apartments and Condominium Security

Rio_Vista_CondominiumMarshal Security provides total solutions and real time protection for your building and the residents.

Unguarded buildings invite unexpected incidents. Marshal offers all levels of security to fit your budget and security requirements. Protecting premises and the integrity of a residential building is always our priority – whether a high or low profile security presence is required. Read more »


Industrial and Construction Site Security


security-constructionIndustrial security requires a wide variety of security tools including guard services, surveillance cameras and more. Properly utilizing industrial security tactics will allow you to keep your property and your possessions safe. It is also important that you understand the threat of vandalism and that you protect your construction site and other industrial location. Read more »


Distribution Centre and Warehousing Security

warehouseDistribution Centre and warehousing security requires an integrated solution of manned guarding, system security and procedural consistency.

Security personnel assigned at those sites are expected to perform with their utmost skills and aptitude necessary to observe and report the conditions that pose threats of damage or theft. Read more »


Retail and Loss Prevention Services

retail_securityWith a combination of an unstable economic climate and high unemployment figures the retail business is often an industry that becomes vulnerable.

These situations unfortunately constrain people to mould themselves into theft and fraud, which at the end of the day affect your business to suffer both financially and reputably. In this case ensuring that you have a vigorous retail security solution in place is the only way, to keep your stock from the prying hands of thieves and vandals. Read more »

Hotel, Hospitality and Motel Security

hotel-president-prague-lobby-001-1500x1000Hotels are one of the few buildings that can be entered without any restrictions. It is believed that if the surrounding of a hotel is luxurious then the guests become less security conscious. Our challenge is to acknowledge this and supply hotel and motel security officers who not only suit your safety needs, but also blend into the unique style and atmosphere of your hotel. Read more »



Hospitals and Long-Term Care Homes Security

hospital-securityHospitals, Long-term care homes, Pharmacy and Healthcare establishments.

Our security guards strive towards providing excellent customer services and total protection to Veterinary Surgery, walk-in clinics and Healthcare organisations that are vulnerable to threat or anti-social behaviour. Read more »


Educational Institutions Security

collegeEducational institutions such as schools, colleges and university campuses can be deeply complex environments to secure . Keeping students and staff safe is the prime focus of security personnel.

Therefore Marshal Security is one of the leading and the most trusted security provider by educational institutions across Ontario. Those facilities depend on Marshal Security to provide them safe and secure environment including security guarding, mobile patrolling and parking services. Read more »

Event Security

ConcertSecurity is an essential part of any event and can mean the difference between success and failure for your special occasion. This is where we can help you. Read more »





Our Security Service is based on listening to your needs and giving our advice to provide a positive and long lasting business relationship.