Events Security

Event Slider Marshal Security recognizes the need for static temporary services, whether in response to an emergency or a planned event. We are able to quickly and efficiently manage your events security and the staffing needs of your facility. Our employees are trained specifically to deal with issues in high-visibility, high-public interaction settings.

Corporate Events

event-corporateWhether your corporate event is an annual shareholders meeting, a business announcement or an acquisition celebration, here at Marshal Security we will ensure your event runs smoothly. With an assessment of your venue and thorough pre-planning we’ll establish a security solution which will ensure there’s no room for error. We will supply you with only the finest personnel you require to maintain the comfort and safety of your clientèle.



event2It’s the event every juvenile dreams of it is an occasion that both you and your spouse will cherish for the rest of your lives.You would have not only spent huge amounts on your special day but also would have invested months of preparation to make sure everything is spic and span. This security is an aspect of your wedding that you can’t afford to overlook.



partyWe at Marshal appreciate the time, effort and money you have invested to ensuring that it is a successful party. With this in mind we offer an exceptional private party security service, tailored to meet your party requirements. We will ensure minimum disruption is caused to your party and give you one thing less to worry about. Scaling your party for signs of suspicious behaviour our professional security operatives will tackle any situation before it develops.


Exhibition & Conference

exhibitionswhile organizing a conference or exhibition you would want to create an environment which is relaxing and professional to give your guests that sense of comfort they need to enjoy your event. With this in mind, here at Marshal Security we have developed an invincible exhibition and conference security service which ensures that nothing can threaten your event.




charityIf you are holding a charity event, the last thing you would want for your event is that it is not ruined by a situation which would easily have been avoided with the right security in place. Here at Marshal Security we do take into careful consideration that all our employees are refreshed and updated. By continuously updating our extensive training for security operatives, we ensure that our security operatives are equipped to adapt to whatever challenges your particular charity event presents.

Concerts Security

event-concertWhen it comes to concert security, here at Marshal we never presume anything. Knowing that concerts come in a whole variety, from classical music concerts to heavy metal rock concerts, there’s a concert out there which appeals to every type of audience. This is why here at Marshal Security we’ll work with you to establish exactly what type of concert you’re holding so we can tailor our concert security to your individual needs.


Sports Event Security

event-sportsSports event security is one of the most important aspects of your sporting event. As an integral part of ensuring the safety of participants, spectators and event officials if you are hosting a sporting event bypassing security is a huge risk you simply can’t take. At Marshal Security we know just how passionate both sporting fans and participants can get. Our guards are capable of identifying and controlling potential threats ensuring that all the protocol you need to meet the standards.

Festival Security

Festival_crowdWhatever the festival you are organising whether it is one that already appeals to the masses or it’s a first time event, a priority which applies to any sized festival is undoubtedly security. With a competitive edge in delivering high quality festival security here at Marshal Security we’re one of the Ontario’s most trusted companies when it comes to keeping your event under control. With our expertise in venue and event security the time and finance you have spent ensuring your festival is a success won’t be a waste.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Event Need a Security Company?

Many event holders may not feel that security is important. However, event security is essential as a small slip-up can lead to bad publicity, lawsuits, and fines. Regardless of whether it is a large, public event or a smaller gathering. Hiring a security company can help to ensure that the event runs smoothly. When organizing an event, ask yourself some important questions to determine whether hiring a security company is necessary or not.

What Needs to be Protected?

There are many situations at an event that are potential security issues. These typically include things like underage drinking, fights and weapons, excessive alcohol consumption, fires, vandalism, rioting, looting, and medical emergencies. While it is easy to think that these issues will not happen at an event you are organizing. It is better to be prepared in case something happens.

What Will I Need Security Guards To Do?

Once a list of potential security risks has been made, it is time to start thinking about what else event security guards will be needed to do. Many security companies, train their guards to be able to complete many tasks, including monitoring, security cameras, patrolling event locations, interacting with event employees and the general public, and handling any issues that may arise. Before hiring a security company, it is better to know exactly what you will need the security guards to do, and what procedures you may need them to follow. This will help ensure that you hire a security company with guards who are trained in exactly the type of fields that you require.

How Much Security Will I Need?

The final question you should ask is how much security will your event need. This will help you determine exactly how many guards you will need on hand at all times. When making this decision, make sure to factor in every possible consideration in order to ensure that you have enough security for your event.

Other Factors To Consider

If you have decided that event security is necessary, you should know what you need the security guards to do, and how many you require. With this information in hand, you can begin to contact local security companies and decide which one best suits your needs. However, there are some other things that you may need to consider. For example, do you need armed, or unarmed security guards? Will you need them overnight or just during the daytime hours? Or do you need security guards with guard dogs?


Organizing an event whether it be large, or small can be a headache. There is a lot to get ready before the event, and even more to deal with during the event. Hiring a security company that specializes in event security can help to give you peace of mind, and ensure that you are free to deal with the more enjoyable tasks related to running an event.

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