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Hotel Security

Hotels are one of the few buildings that can be entered without any restrictions. It is believed that if the surrounding of a hotel is luxurious then the guests become less security conscious. Our challenge is to acknowledge this and supply hotel security officers who not only suit your safety needs, but also blend into the unique style and atmosphere of your hotel.

At Marshal Security we understand that each hotel has different security requirements, according to its location, image and clientèle. Protection of your property, guests, and employees is our prime concern. Nonetheless, our extensive security experience in this area of hotel security enables us to understand these issues and ensure that standards are always met.

Many hotels maintain a businesslike environment in everything they do, including the uniforms worn by their staff. Since security guard uniforms contrast strongly with the desired ambience, Marshal Security provides guards with business attire that blends in tastefully to your hotels environment.

Marshal Security services include:

  • Reception security
  • Key management
  • Front / Back-of-house officers
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Static security
  • High profile foot and vehicles security
  • Intruder / trespasser management
  • Emergency planning procedure
  • Emergency service liaisons
  • Safety and emergency protocol enforcement

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