Retail Security and Loss Prevention

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Retail Security and Loss Prevention

With a combination of an unstable economic climate and high unemployment figures the retail business is often an industry that becomes vulnerable. These situations unfortunately constrain people to mould themselves into theft and fraud, which at the end of the day affect your business to suffer both financially and reputably. In this case ensuring that you have a vigorous retail security and loss prevention solution in place from an expert security company is the only way to keep your stock from the prying hands of thieves and vandals. This is why here at Marshal we have a range of retail security solutions and loss prevention methods to ensure you are never the victim. Our professional security guards will provide the visual deterrence your store needs by keeping a watchful eye over your stock.

Marshal Security services include:

  • Reduce stock theft
  • Detect shoplifters
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Monitor your staff
  • Ensuring appropriate till usage
  • Carry out statements and investigations
  • Handling of suspicious individuals
  • Theft deterrence
  • Key holding


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