Vision and Mission

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Vision and Mission

Team work, commitment and dedication, and an environment of continuous improvement in the provision of service to our clients is extremely important to Marshal Security. Within our company we have team members from many different cultures and backgrounds, and our staff and management team actively support the diversity awareness and tolerance policy; supporting our place within the market as an equal opportunities employer.

We are committed to these values and believe that, by maintaining these values, we will lead Marshal Security to further success in the future. Marshal Security ensures that everyone in our organisation is treated with respect and dignity, appreciating individual characteristics as well as cultural diversity.

At Marshal Security we encourage everyone to express themselves openly, and listening to each other with respect and open mind. We encourage team members to use their talent to develop their potential and rewarding their achievements.

We are committed in conducting ourselves with the integrity and practising the highest ethical standards. Our personal and business ethics ensure that Marshal Security is a company worthy of trust, by clients, partners and team members.


We constantly aim at improve the standard of excellence in everything we do. At Marshal Security we set the standard in security services, by which others in the industry are judged. We actively encourage our team members to constantly search for innovative and creative solutions to security issues.

Mission Statement

Marshal Security is committed to deliver an exceptional service to all clients. We understand the role and importance of all contributing elements involved in delivering our service. We are constantly striving to develop strategies that will improve, contribute and add value to our business partnerships for the ultimate benefit to all parties.

It is our stated mission to be:

Marshal Security’s mission is to provide security services for our clients to ensure that they are endowed with a feeling of being safe and secure. Our highly professional, trained and licensed security guards will make sure that our customers have an enjoyable experience in a safe environment. Our organization will remove worries from our clients who require security guards for their buildings, facilities and events by providing excellent customer service.

In order to satisfy this mission we have recognized that we must achieve the following critical success factors

  • Operate at the highest levels of quality, efficiency and competitiveness
  • Obtain a clear understanding of client precise security requirements to ensure our service is correctly focused.
  • Be aware of client priorities and constraints, reacting promptly when changing circumstances dictate.
  • Build an alliance of trust with all parties for long term mutual benefits

Our mission statement and our internal quality management system provide ourselves with motivation to deliver a quality approach to service delivery that we are very proud of. We ensure those that we operate within the business and understand the mission statement and how it can be contribute to its effective implementation.

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